Trident Handmade Carving Knives

Trident Handmade Carving Knives

Trident tools are handmade in the Ukraine by a father and son team. Among this collection you will see some unusual, specialized tools that will seem unfamiliar. We promise you won’t find anything like this in North America.


Trident Specialty Handmade Knives

Trident Tools represent a fine handmade quality, with superior steel profiles and with hardwood handles cut from native trees of the Ukrainian region. The handles are made from unfinished Beech, Ash, Alder and Oak.  The Trident handles are untreated, turned on a lathe for comfort and you decide if to leave the handle natural or add an oil or finish to suit your preference. The blades are all  individually cut,  tempered, oil quenched, hand ground with careful precision and polished to a mirror finish.

Trident steel comes highly polished making these tools both attractive to look at and easy to maintain. One of the key features that sets Ukrainian steel apart is its composition, often characterized by a balance of alloying elements that enhance both strength and toughness. This careful alloying process ensures that the steel possesses the optimal combination of hardness and resilience, making it well-suited for the demanding requirements of tool production.
As a result, Ukrainian steel for tools is celebrated for its remarkable hardness, a crucial attribute for withstanding the rigors of cutting, shaping, and other high-impact applications. The steel’s hardness is achieved through precise heat treatment methods, enhancing its ability to retain a sharp edge and resist wear over prolonged periods of use.

In this collection you will find various knives which offer a wide array of uses not exclusive to one style of carving. Let us introduce you to the Whale Tail push, Fishfin push knife, the long reach Skew knife and the naked blades….yes you read that right. Naked blades for the creative junkie who wants to craft their own handle to suite.


Check out our leather strop to keep these new tools polished for superb sharpness.

Leather Strop by Chipping Away

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