Large Walnut Handle Carving Knife

Large Walnut Handle Carving Knife

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This hand-crafted Large Walnut Handle Carving Knife is ground from 01 tool steel.  The walnut handle is sanded to a smooth finish and coated with linseed oil to provides an excellent grip.  The uniqueness of these knives is the ease with which they slide through the wood.  While they have a thin blade they also have stability from a little extra width.  The blades are tempered to a 60Hrc Rockwell rating and will maintain a sharp edge for hours of carving enjoyment.  Made in the Ozarks of USA.

Large Walnut Handle Carving Knife

Large Walnut Handle Carving Knife has blade length of 2 1/4″
Mini Detail has a narrow blade length of 1 3/8″ and a shorter handle

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Whether a beginner or a seasoned woodcarver, there is nothing more frustrating then trying to achieve a standard of excellence with your carving projects while using inferior tools. In fact using cheap quality carving knives as a beginner can actually discourage you from continuing with your new hobby. Poor quality knives make poor quality carvings – it is as simple as that.

Yes, buying cheaper tools actually become more expensive in the long run as you will have to replace them more often. They will not stay sharp as long as better quality tools and they will wear faster. Always buy the best quality woodcarving tools you can afford. It pays! Also consider the pleasure you experience when using a quality tool of any sort as compared to the frustration when using poor quality tool.