Drake Right Hand Spoon Knife

Drake Right Hand Spoon Knife

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Drake Right Hand Spoon Knife

Drake knives are handmade and are one of a kind. These Drake knives come sharpened and polished to a mirror finish.  Furthermore, they are ready-to-use straight out of the package. We offer them in both left and right handed versions. Because he is a carver himself, Gilbert Drake not only knows to temper/harden his steel blades, but he also sharpens them to perfection.

Drake Right Hand Spoon Knife uses Swedish Steel

Quality Swedish Silicon high carbon steel shaped is used for all Drake carving tools. Shaping the blades to a low profile (thinner) allows the tool to slice through the wood quicker and easier.  Gil Drake is skilled in the tempering process and produces tools that keep their sharp edge for longer periods.
As with all quality woodcarving tools you only need to strop these tools to keep them sharp and in top working order. Do not re-sharpen unless you have to (broken or misshaped edge).

Drake Right Hand Spoon Knife Guarantee:

Thank you for choosing Drake Knives. All of our tools have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects and satisfaction, including handle or blade breakage. Any tool that does not meet the buyer’s expectations will be replaced at no cost to them. In addition, all tools carry a lifetime sharpening guarantee. Drake Knives will regrind and hone at no charge any “Drake Knife” returned with a padded envelope and return postage. Drake Knives are our benchmark of quality. If you’re not happy we want to know about it.
Gil & Bonnie Drake

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