Kutzall Fine Warding Rasp 4 Wood

Kutzall Fine Warding Rasp 4 Wood

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Kutzall Warding Rasps are masters of detail work. Their thinner profile and tapered-flat shape make them ideal for getting into tighter spaces, enlarging sharp-cornered openings, or producing finer detail. The multi-directional cutting ability of each rasp allows you to quickly remove material in even the most confined spaces. Like all Kutzall Hand Rasps, they have an ergonomic soft grip for added comfort and ease of control.

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Kutzall Fine Warding Rasp 4 Wood

Our Kutzall Fine Warding Rasp 4 Wood is excellent for detail work.  Their thinner profile and tapered-flat shape can reach into tighter spaces.  In addition, they are great for enlarging sharp-cornered openings.  The multi-directional cutting ability quickly removes material in confined spaces.  Kutzall Hand Rasps have an ergonomic soft grip for added comfort.

Kutzall Rasps for stone are engineered to be the ultimate hand-shaping instrument.  They offer balance between the shaping and smoothing function of a file and the aggressive stock removal of a rasp.  Each rasp is made with a rugged and long lasting tungsten carbide coating.  Therefore they will stay sharp longer and do things that other rasps just can’t do.  Our Kutzall Rasps have a 6″ cutting blade also a 5″ handle.

Kutzall Fine Warding Rasp 4 Wood  is built to work better and last longer.

Kutzall Grit rasps utilize a coating of robust carbide grit particles. They are rugged and super wear-resistant.

◦ Carbide coating outlasts standard rasps many times over.
◦ Great for confined spaces because of their multi-directional cutting action.
◦Great for use soft stone, high-fiber-density composites, etc.
◦ Integral soft grip handle therefore providing ergonomic comfort.

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