Wood Carvers 6″ Drawknife

Wood Carvers 6″ Drawknife

CA $121.95

6″ woodcarvers drawknife made from high quality material.

This hand forged blade comes razor sharp and ready to use out of the box.

Comes with a leather blade sheath and storage bag.

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We are happy to announce the newest addition to the Chipping Away lineup with this wood carvers Drawknife.

This drawknife equipped with a 6″ blade is made from high quality hand forged steel with beautiful olive wood grips shaped for optimal control.

standard woodworking drawknives can often be cumbersome and seldom offer the precision needed for more delicate projects such as canes or furniture legs.

This however, is not an ordinary draw knife as it was designed and engineers specifically with woodcarvers in mind.

Out of the box, this drawknife is razor sharp and ready to use and also comes with a leather blade sheath and cotton storage bag.

The quality materials matched with metal reinforcements throughout ensures a reliable tool that will never disappoint!

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