Woodcarving Exhibits n Competitions

Woodcarving Exhibits n Competitions
January 30, 2020 Dennis Moor
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Woodcarving Exhibits

Woodcarving Exhibits n Competitions

These events are plentiful across North America.   Many beginner carvers are not aware just how large the woodcarving community is.   There are literally thousands of woodcarving clubs or groups across the United States and Canada.   Some of groups started as in a Senior Center when a couple of whittlers drew attention from other senior center members.  Some of the groups grew into actual clubs with a governing board of directors, annual dues, etc.

Woodcarving Exhibits n Competitions

Several clubs sponsor an annual competition and show that is advertised and open to the public.  Just about every major city as a club and you can find them easily by contacting your local Senior Center.  You can also have a look at the listing offered by the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine published by Fox Chapel Publishing.

What is the Purpose of Woodcarving Shows

*provide a venue for a friendly completion, to show artworks and to demonstrate one’s talent,
*introduce the public to this wonderful art form and stimulate an interest in it,
*promote fellowship among participants,
*provide skill building sessions through the “Learning by Doing” workshops,
*allow ‘would be carvers’ to create a simple work of art in the “You can Carve” program
*entertain and educate kids and adults alike with soap carving.


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