Mary May Woodcarving Classes

Mary May Woodcarving Classes
May 16, 2018 Dennis Moor
Mary May Woodcarving Classes

Mary May Woodcarving Classes

Join Mary May Woodcarving Classes and learn the art of traditional woodcarving through online instructional videos.

She currently offers 164 full-length basic, intermediate in addition to advanced lessons.  Furthermore, she introduces a new, HD episode added every week!

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Mary May Woodcarving Classes – Mary Writes:

The beauty of woodcarving first captured my heart while traveling through the historical streets of England and Europe during my early college years. As I lovingly explored the aged carved wood of grand cathedrals, the gilded beauty of majestic palaces, and the glorious wonder of stately mansions, I instantly became lost in discovering this fascinating world of shapes.

Taking in-person classes is an ideal way to learn woodcarving, as there is immediate feedback and interaction. I soon discovered that many people could not afford to take such courses due to financial, occupation, or family obligations. That is how I came to start Mary May’s Online School of Traditional Woodcarving in 2012. My goal is to share the wonderful art of woodcarving and to teach the skills that have enchanted me for many years.

Mary’s favorite carving tools are those made by Pfeil (Swiss Made) …and she recommends Chipping Away as the source!