Kutzall Carving Sphere Bur 1 head

Kutzall Carving Sphere Bur 1 head

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Kutzall Sphere Carving Bur 1-4inch Shaft:  this bur has a 1″ head with a 1/4″ shaft.

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Kutzall Carving Sphere Bur 1 head 1-4inch Shaft.

Kutzall Carving Sphere Bur 1 head.  When you need to remove material in hurry but still require precise control, there are no better tools for the job than Kutzall Extreme Burrs.  The Extreme Burrs come equipped with a rugged, very coarse coating applied by fellow craftsmen. The aggressive, razor-sharp, tungsten-carbide teeth hog material away with unparalleled efficiency, while also resisting loading.  This, therefore, lets you spend more time carving, and less time clearing your tool.

Kutzall Carving Sphere Features:

◦The masters of hollowing-out.
◦Shape concave surfaces of spoons, bowls, etc.
◦Can even produce hollowed areas with undercut/overhung edges.



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