Ultimate Power Honer NO DISCOUNTS

Ultimate Power Honer NO DISCOUNTS

CA $319.95

Our Ultimate Power Honer will polish the inner channels of your gouges and v-tools like nothing else on the market!

Consider these great features:
•1/4 hp quiet motor   •heavy-duty sealed ‘floating’ bearings for smooth no maintenance operation   •3-step pulley for easily adjusted speed control of approximately 850, 1350, and 2150 rpm’s.   •maple wheel has 6 CNC machined profiles    •maple 1-1/4″ wheel for outer surfaces of gouges as well as knives and flat blades   •in-line on-off switch   •platform is pre-drilled for anchoring to your workbench.

Note shipping cost for Mainland US and Canada

Shipping Cost for this Ultimate Honer is $35.00 due to its size, weight and that it comes in two boxes!


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CA $319.95

Our Ultimate Power Honer is like putting a motor on your slip strop!

Sharpening and stropping can be boring but if you want your woodcarving tools in perfect shape you must go through the process.   Remember how sharp your carving tools and knives were when you first purchased them.   Remember how smooth and easy the cuts were.  Keep your tools in tip-top shape with our Power Honer and  Power Sharpener.  You can make that work quick and easy! Keep your carving tools like new – and at a very reasonable cost.  We also make the components of our system available to those who wish to build their own.

During a Harold Enlow class at Chipping Away a several years ago, Harold and Pop discussed the need for a power strop.  With Harold’s guidance we were able to come up with a design.  We built the proto-type and sent it to him for testing.  He loved it so much he refused to give it back and traveled with it to many classes across the US.  Tom Wolfe, another one of the “grand-daddies” of caricature carvers wanted one and the rest is history.   We have sold hundreds of these Power Honers and never had one returned!


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