Wecheer Heavy Duty Power Carving System

Wecheer Heavy Duty Power Carving System

CA $204.74

The power unit is a 1/4hp motor that is meant to hang on a tool holder clamped to your workbench or wall bracket (bracket is included).

This system is a less expensive system than our Foredom brand units, but it does stand up well. An added benefit is that the flexshaft, handpieces, etc are interchangeable with Foredom SR and TX series.

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CA $204.74
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Wecheer Heavy Duty Power Carving System

Tackle a complete range of projects with this Wecheer Heavy Duty Power Carving System.   Great for fine detail work with smaller burrs to roughing-out at a much greater speed than you could with less powerful motors.  This powerful 1/4 hp motor is also reversible – a bonus for left-handed carvers.  Our Wecheer kit has a super flexible 42″ shaft that does not require lubrication which eliminates the messy chore of disassembling and greasing the shaft.

Standard Hand piece fits comfortably in your hand because of its tapered end.  Provides great control for detail work and makes it easy to get into hard to reach areas.

This is an excellent power carving system that can be used for both rotary action (burs, bits, stones, diamonds, etc) and BY ADDING the optional Reciprocating Handpiece …you can use chisels and gouges with more control than you ever thought possible.

This WE330 kit comes with a 1/4hp motor with speeds up to 20,000rpm, super flexible shaft, Rotary Handpiece with 3/32, 1/8, 1/4 collets, variable speed foot pedal, and a wall mounting bracket. Operates in both Forward and Reverse.  One year guarantee.


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