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All burs and cutters for Turbo Carver have 1/16″ shanks  – also known as “friction grip”.  See images and description for each Diamond bur below.

Product Name Price Quantity
CA $38.40
CA $11.52
CA $17.28
CA $10.56
CA $10.56
CA $9.60
CA $9.60
CA $9.60
CA $9.60
CA $9.60
CA $9.60


TCSP1 Smooth (no flutes)   Ultra Fine 0.06mm tip Single Point solid bur ideally suited
for ultra fine and controllable fine-line engraving in hard materials. The sharp point will last for many hours. Worth the extra $’s.


MM3TCMM1 Small Round, Coarse 1.07mm tip
TCMM3 Medium Round, Coarse 1.43mm tip
TCMM3.2 Large Round, Super Coarse 2.46mm tip

MM5FTCMM4 Small Football, Super Coarse0.72mm tip
TCMM5F Large Football, Fine 0.77mm tip
TCMM5C Large Football, Coarse 0.77mm tip

MM58FTCMM58F Flame Point, Fine 0.77mm tip
TCMM58C Flame Point, Coarse 0.77mm tip


023TC023 Small Knife Edge Wheel .084″ Diameter
and 0.11″ Thick


863WheelTC863 Large Wheel 3/16″ Diameter   .046″ Thick


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