23 Piece Bur Set for Woodcarving

23 Piece Bur Set for Woodcarving

CA $183.00

Complete set of 23 burs for carving in WOOD. Ideal for Gunstock carving, Canes, woodworking custom details, and wood carver projects. Sets include burs ideal for outlining, relief carving. Also included are sharp tapered and detailing burs for creating fine details. There are ideal burs for detail as well for bulk reduction for inlays or backgrounds.

Carbide: #1, #4, 004, #8, 699L, 56, 556, 59, 1701, 7611, 9903, 33.5, 37, 701-S, 7406
Diamond: MM1, MM3.2, MM4, MM5F, MM58C, 023, and 863
Green Stone: 661-120
Totaling 23 quality burs.   You can VIEW THE VARIOUS SHAPES from our webpage for “Individual  Burs”

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CA $183.00


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