Proxxon MSG Reciprocating Power Carver

Proxxon MSG Reciprocating Power Carver

CA $199.00

Carvers will appreciate the 10,000 impacts per minute and rapid cutting action providing ability to do fine work.


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Proxxon MSG Reciprocating Power Carver

This power carver delivers up to 10,000 impacts per minute.  Carvers will appreciate the rapid cutting action and ability to do fine work.  The beginning and less skilled carver will find their work improved, since both hands are free to the guide the carving tool.  Carvers with arthritic or other mobility problems will appreciate the ease with which it can be operated. It unit weights less than 1-1/2lb and power consumption is only 50 watts at 115 volts.

Proxxon MSG Reciprocating Power Carver Includes:

Included are 3 carving tools: 3/8″ Chisel, 3/8″ #9 Gouge, 1/4″ 90 degree V-tool.  The MSG comes in in a high-grade polypropylene storage case. It is attractive, extremely stable and sufficiently large to enable the machine to be replaced in it after completion of the work without fiddly refitting.

Our handheld Proxxon Model MSG is an alternative to the more expensive Japanese AutoMach unit.  Therefore it does not have the same quality features as the AutoMach and is not as powerful.  Hence, it is meant for smaller jobs and will not perform under continuous use …it’s for the hobbyist.  It is a pretty decent tool and we sell quite a few of them, but do not expect it to operate like a more expensive model.


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