Mobile One Rechargeable Micromotor

Mobile One Rechargeable Micromotor

CA $382.00

This is a truly portable micromotor. Its built-in rechargeable battery will provide up to 140 minutes of use. It can also be plugged in and used directly on a 120-220v electrical system.

The handpiece has a 3/32″ collet and is lightweight, comfortable and very smooth to use. There is even a soft pouch case that allows you to wear the unit over your neck or shoulder.

Complete kit is supplied with a variable speed power controller with forward and reverse, power cord/charger, 33,000rpm handpiece, foot control, handpiece cradle, soft pouch case and custom-fitted metal carrying case.

One year unconditional warranty covers everything except the batteries.

Product Name Price Quantity
CA $450.00 CA $382.00


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