MasterCarver MicroPro

MasterCarver MicroPro

CA $275.20

Don’t let the Price Fool You!  This is great little Micro Motor Carver for the price and Pop gives his personal recommendation.

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CA $275.20

MasterCarver MicroPro

Don’t Let the Price of this MasterCarver MicroPro Fool You!   This is a great little Micro Motor Carver for the price and Pop gives his personal recommendation.

The dial varies speed from 0 to 46,000 rpm!  Control box features: dial speed control knob, lighted power indicator, on / off switch, overload protection, 6-burr storage holes, 110/220 Volt selector, forward / reverse switch.  One year Warranty.

Handpiece features a high torque, fan cooled micro motor, sealed NSK ball bearings, solid grip turn-ring for hands-free bit changes (1/4 turn releases or locks bits & collets).  Handpiece specifications: Length 6”, diameter 5/8”-1”, weight 6.9 oz. Set includes: handpiece, 3/32” & 1/8” quick change collets, variable speed power supply, table top and box mounted handpiece holders, long-life motor brushes, spare fuse, instructions.  Burs not included.

Consequently ….a great little machine ….at a great price!

A Word about MicroMotors Detailers

They are meant for detailing and as a result NOT for removing waste wood.

MicroMotors are detailers and are versatile bench top wood carving tools.  The handpiece houses a DC motor within.  Providing much higher speed performance and as well as more flexibility.  Therefore distinguishes them from flex shaft models.  While MicroMotors have much less torque than flex shaft machines they do offer much more control.  However, their higher speed results in a comparable rate of material removal with a lighter touch. They have a simple coil cord connection between the handpiece motor and control box.  This therefore allows for complete freedom of movement that cannot be achieved when using a flexible shaft machine.


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