Arbortech Reciprocating Power Chisel PCH400

Arbortech Reciprocating Power Chisel PCH400

CA $299.00

This is a great tool with lots of power!

Offers smooth carving and sculpting detail including sign lettering, lines and texturing.

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CA $359.00 CA $299.00

Arbortech Reciprocating Power Chisel

Excellent 12,000 rpm reciprocating action lets you guide the chisel through the wood with ease.  Offers smooth carving for detail in letters, lines and texturing.  Works great on both soft wood or hard woods. Especially well suited for large scale work, which would be impractical to carry out by hand.  Reciprocating only begins when the blade is pressed into the workpiece providing safe operation.

Features:  12,000 strokes per minute;  Sealed bearings for a long working life;  Chisels snap in quickly and release with the push of a button;  All wear-prone parts are easily replaceable

For use on Medium to Large size jobs

While Chipping Away promotes a number of different power chisels wood carving tools, this is the tool for your medium to large size jobs. Pop knows a number of chainsaw carvers that use the Arbortech Power Chisel to ‘dress up’ some of their work once the chainsaw work is done. This is a great tool with lots of power!  But a word of caution …you must keep it well lubricated.  It uses an oil similar to chain saw oil that is applied to a felt pad …easy to do, but requires frequent applications.  The PCH400 comes with a quality slim-line angle grinder that is specially machined for the chisel head.  The Power Chisel is meant to be permanently attached to the grinder which so as to provide exact alignment.

The PCH400 comes with a 3/4″ Chisel and a 3/4″ #7 Gouge as well as a small bottle of cam oil. Just take it out the box and plug it in!