Woodcarvers Beech Wooden Mallet

Woodcarvers Beech Wooden Mallet

CA $25.54

Our Woodcarver’s Mallet custom turned from premium Beech. They are approximately 14oz in weight.
The finished style may vary slightly from the photo shown.

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CA $25.54

Woodcarvers Beech Wooden Mallet

Our Woodcarvers Beech Wooden Mallet is designed in the traditional mallet style.  It is turned from a single piece of super tough Beech hardwood.  It is comfortable to hold and left unfinished for a improved grip.  If you wish to apply a finish, Pop suggest a non-toxic vegetable oil.  The weight is nice for most carving applications.  If you are doing large sculptures, you may want to consider a heavier mallet also.

Perfect for most carving uses. Length: 10″. Maximum Diameter: 3.25″, Weight: approximately 1 pound.

There are many wood carvers that believe carving mallets are for ‘larger jobs’. Not so!

Mallets offer greater control.

There is no doubt that larger tools are easier to use when struck with a good quality mallet.  Most of all, the huge benefit of using a mallet is the control it offers.  How often have you been ‘pushing’ gouge or chisel and suddenly have it slip?  Mallets, consequently eliminate such mishaps to a huge extent.



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