Two Cherries Spoon Bent #3 Gouge

Two Cherries Spoon Bent #3 Gouge
SpoonPro Size average 9 to 10 1/2” in overall length.   Pro Size tools are used for medium to larger size carvings. They made be pushed using one or both hands or may be struck with a mallet.  Their octagon handles not only provide a good grip but also stop them from rolling on your workbench.

Fish Tail Gouges : Spoon or Short Bent: gouges where the blade is straight with a curve at the end, like a spoon.  Sweep spoon gouges are shaped similar to a tablespoon and are most useful when working in deep or inaccessible areas.

Two Cherries Spoon Bent #3 Gouge

Two Cherries wood carving tools are unsurpassed in their selection, quality, precision.  They have been making fine edge tools for both professionals and hobbyists since 1858. Their tools are hand-forged from the highest quality tool steel and tempered to 61HRc with the care you might expect from a family business.

We Do Not Stock the Spoon Bent #3 Gouge.  However – we will be happy to order any size you wish.  Delivery is generally 3 to 4 weeks.

Chipping Away hones and strops each and every Two Cherries tool we sell to a razor sharp edge so it is ready-for-use.  We are proud to offer these exceptional tools at very attractive prices.


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