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Each Chipping Away DVD is a comprehensive hands-on guide, including numerous how-to’s and helpful hints.  Dennis & Todd suggest it best to learn from the mistakes of others and claim that “since we have made most of them we can teach you how to avoid them, or at least how to cover them up when they do occur!”

The carving talent of Dennis & Todd Moor is matched by their skill and delight in teaching others an enjoyable style of chip carving that is attainable by all.  You will enjoy ‘welcoming‘ them into your home time and time again!

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Each one of the 4 Chipping Away chip carving dvd video series discs is a comprehensive hands-on guide.  The numerous how-to’s and helpful hints will speed your learning experience.

1:  Introduces the tools of chip carving and provides instruction in sharpening technique and the holding positions for the cutting and stab knives. Three sided, curved, and straight line chips are taught and consequently applied to numerous straight borders.

2:  The 3 types of chips are revisited with focus on how to approach larger and more difficult patterns.  3 Rosettes are drawn and carved in alternative ways.  In addition, curved borders suitable for round or oval chip carving projects are drawn and carved.

3:  Drawing and carving grid variations with border alternatives.  Free form motifs are introduced along with suitable borders   Actual  ‘free form carvings’ are illustrated on completed projects, and instruction is provided for adding color as well as a clear finish.

4:  The layout of a chip carving project with focus on creating a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing design.  Then finally laying-out letters is given special attention with application to curved pieces demonstrated completely.  Applying a stain finish are also discussed and illustrated with examples.

Read what carvers who bought our DVD’s have to say:

“I can honestly say that I have now watched it twice and have learned so much. The important thing it has done for me is first to show me where I was going wrong because I was making chip carving more awkward than it should be. The chips are now flying!  I reckon that you have cut my learning time down by preventing many weeks of bad practice by myself.    Mike, England

“For you Chip Carvers and want-to-be’s I would feel remiss if I did not share my experience with others.  They are fabulous!  I think I learned more with those tapes than I did when I attended three different schools in the last year. I am now learning the finer things and am watching for little tidbits of information.  While I am tidbited out for a while, but intend to get back to the tapes soon and this time take a pencil and pad. My thanks to Dennis and Todd for a super effort. You not only taught me how I do a bunch of things … but WHY.       Jim in Northern Virginia, USA