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10 New Project Patterns. Original Designs for Landscapes, Animals, Wildlife, Flowers, Borders, Corner Designs, Celtic Knots and more

Relief Carving Workshop Lora Irish

Acclaimed carver and instructor Lora S. Irish takes you step-by-step through simple carvings on a practice board to introduce all of the essential cuts, contouring and smoothing steps used in basic relief woodcarving.  You'll learn how to handle your tools, prepare a wood surface, follow a pattern, and apply a finish.

10 original new project patterns are accompanied by clear in-depth instructions and dozens of how-to photographs. Each design is presented both as an outline pattern for tracing directly onto wood, and as a detailed sketch to guide your work. A stunning photo gallery of finished projects is included to offer further inspiration.


ISBN 978-1-56523-736-0
Relief Carving Workshop - Irish

Great Book of Carving Patterns Lora Irish

If you've been wondering where to find inspiration for your next carving project, look no further. This treasure trove of classic designs from internationally recognized artist Lora S. Irish is for you. Inside you'll find 200 original patterns that make wonderful subjects for both relief and power carving. From buffalo to bears, from wood spirits to wild horses, from sailboats to the Statue of Liberty, this wide-ranging collection covers all of today's most popular subjects.

ISBN 9781565238688
Great Book of Carving Patterns
Relief Carving Projects & Techniques Best of Wood Carving Illustrated

A smooth piece of wood, some sharp carving tools and the 37 tried-and-true relief woodcarving projects and patterns from the archives of Woodcarving Illustrated, are all that is needed for this popular form of artistic expression. By following the step-by-step instructions, woodcarvers can create everything from trivets and clocks, to signs and mantels in wood, or adapt some of the many patterns to create their own projects.

 Relief Woodcarving Projects & Techniques also features a stunning gallery of work. Readers will gain expert information, insight, and inspiration from today's top relief carvers, including Lora S. Irish, Kathy Wise, Jim Dupont, Cyndi Joslyn, Frederick Wilbur, Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach, Floyd Truitt, and Bob Duncan. Join them as they create an assortment of compelling carvings, in a variety of skill levels, for the home and beyond. 144 pages

ISBN 9781565235588
Relief Carving Projects & Techniques - Best of WCI

Twenty Decorative Carving Projects in Period Styles Steve Bisco

This wonderful collection of inspirational period carving projects ranges from the quick and simple to the long and complex, and caters to hobby carvers of all abilities. The new carver can start with the simplest project and, over a period of time, work through to the intermediate and advanced levels, while experienced carvers will find pieces to challenge and engage them. Each project is designed to capture the spirit and style of a particular period throughout history and at the end of the project the carver will have developed new skills, gained an understanding of another style, and created a carving to proudly display in the home. Projects each have an introduction, setting it in historical context, a tracing pattern, an inspirational photo of the finished carving, and comprehensive, easy to follow step by step instructions and photographs.

Twenty Decorative Carving Projects

101 Artistic Relief Patterns

From celebrated artist Lora S. Irish comes a treasure trove of small and beautiful patterns for crafters of all mediums. Perfect for carving, woodburning, painting, quilting and more, the patterns are provided in two detailed varieties: a line drawing for transferring and a shaded variety for illustrating depth and shadow. For new carvers Irish demonstrates the whole carving process from start to finish with a charming Country Apple Quilt Square project. She also explains the tools you'll need, the appropriate woods to use, and how to achieve the appropriate levels of depth in a relief carving. While small in style, each pattern is large in style. The wildlife, botanical, mythical, landscape and corner designs can beautifully stand alone or be incorporated into functional and decorative items around your home.

101 Artistic Relief Patterms for Woodcarversa nd Woodburners

Decorative Woodcarving Wilbur

Follow along as Wilbur illustrates how to use historic ornamentation to accent items for your home, like classically carved bookends, an heirloom quality jewelry box, a cabinet for storing CD's and much more. Perfect for the beginner or advanced carver, this book takes you from start to finish with detailed instructions and step-by-step photography.

Decorative Woodcarving
Wood Carving Projects and Techniques Chris Pye

This compilation of fascinating articles from Woodcarving magazine combines sound technical advice with inspirational projects for you to make. Renowned woodcarving author Chris Pye take you through all the practical information you need to achieve some great results, With diverse and appealing projects presented with clear, easy-to follow instructions, this book is ideal for all woodcarvers - whatever their ability.  176pp

Woodcarving Technqiues and Projects

Classical Burning and Carving Patterns Bileau

This book is filled with inspiring floral patterns and project ideas.  Great for relief carving on panels, mantles, furniture, mirrors, religious cross, etc.  These are suitable for carving or burning ...just like the title suggests.  54pp

ISBN 0-9683448-7-9
Classical Burning and Carving Patterns
Carving Horse Portraits in Relief Koch

Follow the author's demonstration for carving a horse head in high relief featuring over 150 step-by-step photographs.  Learn layout, measuring levels, and giving your carvings the illusion of depth.  These techniques can be applied to other relief projects too!  64pp

ISBN 1-56523-180-5
Carving Horse Portraits in Relief
Wildlife Carving in Relief 2nd Edition Irish

An in-depth introduction teaches novice carvers basic techniques, such as choosing wood and transferring a pattern while intermediate and experienced carvers will appreciate a section devoted to advanced techniques, such as undercutting for depth and creating free-floating areas within a carving. Step-by-step line drawings are included for each project, with shaded patterns illustrating depth and shadow. Genre-specific techniques for wildlife creatures are given exclusive study in this resource and include difficult detailing elements such as creating facial features, and texturing fur, hair, and feathers. More than 60 patterns, including 15 new projects for creating fighting buck, mule deer, elk, and fish, will provide skilled hands with many new challenges. Additionally, woodcarvers will learn how to add finishing details to their projects with woodburning, Danish oil, and paint.  176pp

ISBN 1-56523-136-8
Wildlife Carving In Relief 2nd Edition
Classic Carving Patterns Irish

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this "what-to" treasury is sure to become an invaluable part of your reference library. Detailed patterns and design tips suitable for carving, burning or painting. An Excellent Book!   186pp    

ISBN 1-56158-318-9
Classic Carving Patterns
Floral Wood Carving Sutter

Full size patterns and complete instructions for 21 projects. Wood selection, finishing, tools and more, plus botanical information and descriptions of the flowers symbolic and historical significance. 48pp

ISBN 0-486-24866-6
Floral Wood Carving
Relief Carving with Lundy Lundy

Nationally known carver, Bob Lundy shares the techniques of relief carving in an easy to follow book. Amply illustrated it takes the reader step-by-step through two carving projects and offers the information needed to carry out even more. With everything carved by hand, the book is written for both the beginner and for the veteran.  96pp

ISBN 0-88740-439-1
Relief Carving with Lundy