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Sculpting the Female Face & Figure Ian Norbury

The female face and the female figure have been drawn, sculpted, carved, and painted by artists and craftsman from around the world for centuries. In this book, author and teacher Ian Norbury offers his expertise and experience to help carvers take on the challenge of presenting the female face and figure in wood.

Norbury's advice has allowed countless numbers of his students to produce successful sculptures and carvings. Inside, readers will find tips for creating patterns, in depth anatomical drawings for better understanding of the body's muscles, step by step projects with detailed photos and instructions, and a photo gallery of finished projects to illuminate and inspire.

ISBN 9781565237421
Sculpting Female Face & Figure
Harold Enlow - the Granddaddy of Mastercarvers


Learn To Carve Eyes & Lips

Follow along as Harold Enlow, one of America's foremost caricature carvers, teaches you how to carve faces with life and expression. Enlow shares his woodcarving tips and techniques that make his carvings stand-out in this information packed book.

Inside Carving Faces Workbook, woodcarvers will learn to carve the female face, a cowboy face, a Native American face, and a Santa face, along with facial features like eyes, lips, nose, hair, and ears.

Carving Faces Workbook - Enlow


Learn To Carve Eyes & Lips

Eyes are no doubt one of the most difficult of the carving skills. And the human mouth can prove to be a challenge too!  Now, with the help of a 32 page color booklet by Harold Enlow you will see exactly how it's done.

The basic technique to carve an eye is same for every eye; four V-tool cuts give the basic shape to the eye.  The shape of the iris and pupil affect the mood of the carving.  Harold is the man to teach you!

Learn to Carve Eyes & Lips - Book Only


Learn To Carve The Basic Ear

Carving ears will no longer be such a challenge to perfect - with the help of Harold Enlow.  and his 24 page color booklet with step-by-step instructions.

While it's easy to hide an ear behind a lock of hair or under a hat, ears allow you to add a great deal of character to a carving.

Learn to Carve Basic Ear - Book Only


Learn To Carve Noses and Hair

Carving noses and hair will no longer be such a challenge to perfect - with the help of Harold Enlow.  Follow along with the 32 page color booklet with step-by-step instructions.

Looking at most faces, the most prominent feature is the nose - you won't want to mess it up!  Most carvings include some sort of hair, whether it is on the head, a mustache, or a beard.  Harold study stick shows not only basic hair but also curls, tails and braids.

Learn to Carve Nose & Hair - Book Only


Learn To Carve A Feamle Face

Female faces can be a real challenge fact most attempts - well, you know!  There is definitely a few tips and tricks that will make it easier.  Harold knows them all and shares his knowledge within the 32 page color booklet and study stick.

The oveall bone and muscle structure is the same for all women.  Gravity, age, and a little bit of genetics all play a part in the final result.

Learn to Carve Female Face - Book Only


Learn To Carve A Native American Chief

Carve along with Harold by following his study stick as you read his 32 page color booklet on the Native American Chief.

Native American faces have long been popular carving subjects.  Their facial features are distinct enough that it's worth learning to carve one.

Learn to Carve Native American Chief - Book Only


Learn To Carve Santas

Carve a life-like Santa alongside master carver Harold Enlow as he guides you in your carving of faces and features with this 32 page  full-color booklet.

Learn to Carve Santas - Book Only


Learn To Carve A Cowboy

Carve along with Harold by following his 32 page color booklet on a Cowboy.

As with most caricaturs, the success of the carving depends on a blend of realistic and exaggerated features.  Learn tips from the master himself!    

Learn to Carve Cowboy - Book Only


Lern To Carve Ugly Faces

Ugly faces on a caricature carving can add real character.  Funny how a good ugly face can bring "smiles" to those looking at it!   Learn Harold's techniques from his 32page color booklet.

Learn to Carve Ugly Faces - Book Only
Carving The Human Face Jeff Phares

For anyone who's ever had trouble rendering the human face, the newly expanded and revised edition of Carving the Human Face, is your ticket to creating realistic portraits. From a world champion carver known for his lifelike busts, this updated book includes new patterns and photographs, in addition to valuable information on techniques for creating realistic hair, facial features, realistic skin and muscle, hats and head dresses. Phares provides tips for fixing common anatomical errors, and information about proper tool use. An exhaustive step-by-step project, that includes over 350 demonstration photos, guides you from a block of butternut to a finished mask of a Native American warrior. A gallery of Jeff Phares' amazing work will inspire you

ISBN 9781565234246
Carving The Human Face

In The Workshop with Fred Zavadil Fred Zavadil

Come into the workshop of Fred Zavadil and follow along step-by-step as this award-winning Master Carver draws his idea, models it in clay and from the model, creates a masterpeice in wood.

Fred won 1st, 2,d and 3rd place awards in the Master Division at the International Woodcarvers Congress in June of 2008.  This was the first time this ever happened in their 43 year history!  This book will show you how Fred does it!

ISBN 9781897493052
In The Workshop with Fred Zavadil SPECIAL PRICING

Carving The Human Figure Onians

In this beautifully illustrated book, Onians explains the basics of anatomy and uses clay modeling to demonstrate how bones, and muscles contribute to the outward shape. Onians also covers the use of drapery, abstract carving, and relief carving.  165PP

ISBN 1-86108-179-0
Carving The Human Figure
Carving The Historic Western Face Lundy

The Cowboy, The Indian, and The Mountain Man with informative instructions (with a good deal of humour) and clear photographs from raw wood to the finished character of the old west.   112pp

ISBN 0-88740-321-2
Carving Historic Western Faces
Carving Realistic Faces with Power Russell

A book for power carvers by a power carver ~ but alas, if you are NOT a power carver (and many of us are not), that is fine too .... use Frank's excellent techniques ~ BUT just don't tell him you use hand tools!  It's a great book and to limit it to power carving would be a shame!   64pp

ISBN 0-88740-486-3
Carving Realistic Faces