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Concepts to Caricatures CCA

Celebrating their 25th Anniversary, the Caricature Carvers of America’s newest project offers an exclusive look into the creative carving process of twenty-six of America’s top caricature carvers. CCA members have been given free rein to create one-of-a-kind carvings representative of their individual style. With full-color photos, drawings, and text, chapters describe the artists’ personal approach to developing ideas, drawing patterns, and carving, painting, and finishing their caricatures. The book includes a step-by-step chapter on carving a baseball player, patterns for many of the original pieces, and individual chapters describing the unique approaches members of the CCA take as they carve in their trademark styles. The book includes a never-before-seen gallery of carvings spanning the 25-year history of the Caricature Carvers of America.  Heavy & Big Book 8 1/2 x 11 and 160 pages.

Concepts To Caricatures
Carving Flat-Plane Caricatures Harley Refsal

Includes Patterns for 50 Projects
Harley Refsal shows how to carve charming caricatures in the traditional flat-plane style. Once you try it you'll be hooked by this distinctive style of figure carving, in which large flat areas called "planes" are deliberately left intact.  Step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. Carving Flat-Plane Style Caricatures presents more than 50 imaginative figure patterns for you to carve-from lumberjacks and golfers to trolls and elves.  Similiar to Harley's other books ...but new patterns.

Carving Flat-Plane Caricatures

Whittling Country Folk Mike Shipley

Mike Shipley introduces you to a whole clan of colorful backwoods characters from his native Ozarks. Whether you're a beginner just learning to whittle, or an old hand looking for some new ideas, this book delivers plenty of fun, inspiration, and satisfaction. More than 100 step by step color photographs guide you through whittling, painting, and staining.

 All twelve projects feature distinctive patterns with easy to follow cut lines. Whittling Country Folk, Revised Edition also provides valuable "Getting Started" advice on tools, sharpening, wood, and safety, as well as humorous down home tales about each friendly country character.  87 pages

Whittling Country Folk

Sea Captain Cutout

Whittling The Old Sea Captain Mike Shipley

One of our most popular book/cutout kits! 

 More than 100 step-by-step photos guide you in carving, painting and staining the salty Old Sea Captain and his first and second mates. Patterns are also included for making buoys, lobster traps and wooden crates to set an entire sea-faring scene. Includes step-by-step carving & painting demonstrations, patterns, and color photos of the finished crew.

Quality Basswood Cutout Also Available
Our cutout is all ready for you to start carving!   It measures
approximately 2 1/2" x 2" x 8"

ISBN 9781565238152
Note: the weight of this book plus cutout means the shipping cost will be the second to lowest rate. You could add a second Sea Captain Cutout at no addtional shipping cost.
Whittling the Old Sea Captain Book
Sea Captain Cutout
Whittling The Country Bear Mike Shipley

Whittle 12 whimsical woodland creatures with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use patterns in Woodcarving the Country Bear and His Friends. Not quite caricature, but not realistic either, these humorous bears, moose, rabbits and beavers are easy and fun to make. Each enjoyable project features full color photos from 4 angles, in-progress shots, detailed patterns, and paint color recommendations. Also provides a complete overview of tools, plus carving and painting tips.

ISBN 9781565238084
Whittling The Country Bear

Carving Fantasy Characters Floyd Rhadigan

If you love caricature carving but are getting a little tired of cowboys and Santas, this book is for you! Inside this book, you'll find 15 whimsical characters just waiting to be released from wood. Follow along with popular woodcarving instructor and author, Floyd Rhadigan as he takes you-step by step-through carving and painting a fantasy character. Once you master the basic skills, you can move on to the additional carving patterns that are included. From Eric the Red to Merlin, you'll have plenty of great new projects to choose from!

ISBN 9781565237490
Carving Fantasy Characters

Carving Desperados Wolfe

A brand new book where Tom concentrates on the caricature head by carving busts. About 8" tall, these carvings give plenty of room for detail and allow the carver to explore new ways of giving expression to their work.   64pp

ISBN 1-7643-0097-0
Carving Desperados

Out to the Ball Game Wolfe

With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, Tom helps the carver bring the classic ballplayer out of a block of wood. Each cut is illustrated with a colour photograph. Fun!  64pp   

ISBN 0-88740-497-9
Out to The Ball Game
Carving Mountain Men Taylor

Cleve takes to the hills, carving mountain men of years-gone-by. Clear, concise instructions illustrated with over 225 color photos. Patterns and instructions for both the mountain man and his long rifle...intermediate level carvers.  64pp

ISBN 0-7643-0654-5
Carving Mountain Men

Caricature Carving Best of Woodcarving Illustrated

Best of Woodcarving Illustrated Caricature Carving delves into the realm of comic expressionism thanks to artists like Pete LeClair, Ross Oar, Phil Bishop and Arnold Smith. Discover fun projects, tips and techniques from these experts, as well as a gallery of their work to spur the imagination for unique creations. In this collection of 30 of the best caricature carving projects from the pages of Woodcarving Illustrated, both beginner and experienced caricature carvers will find this book a useful reference. A plethora of amusing figures such as vikings, bears, gnomes, hobos, sports figures and cowboys are presented to provide inspiration.

ISBN 9781565234741
Caricature Carving - Best of Woodcarving Illustrated
Caricature Carvers Showcase Caricature Carvers of America

Spotlighting the work and members of the exclusive carving club, The Caricature Carvers of America (CCA), this photo-illustrated history is a must-have for wood carvers and collectors alike. Perusing the guide's biographies and photos of America's top caricature carvers, readers will become acquainted with 25 members, both active and emeritus, such as Marv Kaisersatt, Harold Enlow, Peter Ortel, and Pete LeClair. Each profile includes two original patterns viewed from different angles, complete with techniques and painting and finishing tips.

ISBN 9781565233379
Caricature Carvers Showcase

Carving MacGolfers Humphreys

Eldon became a member of the CCA in 1996 and has never looked back!   This book has over 390 step-by-step photographs in full color and excellent close-up quality.  His section on carving faces, including a fantastic section on carving eyes, is phenomenal.  The book is full of 'Tips and Quips' and while being simple enough for beginners, will offer the experienced some new ideas and techniques.  A Wonderful Book!  76pp

ISBN 0-9683448-8-7
Carving MacGolfers by Eldon Humphreys
Carving Golfers Howrilla

Hacking. Slicing. Pitching out of a sand trip.  Missing a put. Or sinking that once in a lifetime shot.  The joys and frustrations of the worlds' greatest game are captured in this fun and easy to follow guide to carving golfers. Step by step instruction on actually carving a caricature golfer name "Rie and Shine" including cutting out, carving, painting and antiquing.  Plus a gallery of 11 more patterns for other golfing caricatures.  76PP

ISBN 1-56523-201-1
Carving Golfers
Carving Compact Caricatures Johnson

If you're looking for a fun & easy caricature carving project, try the basswood egg.  Great take along project for all woodcarvers.   Carve a Basswood Egg into a great looking caricature.  Skylar's style of carving takes caricature egg carving to a whole new level.  In this book you'll learn how to draw your design on the egg, set in your reference cuts, carve in the detail and then how to paint your caricature carving. Click Here for BASSWOOD EGGS

ISBN 0-975300220
Carving Compact Caricatures
Caricature Carving from Head to Toe Stetson

Find out what makes a carving 'caricature' with this top-notch guide.  First, you will learn how anatomy relates to expression by creating a clay model.  Then, you will follow the author step-by-step through an entire carving project for an old man with a walking stick.  Finally, learn to create alternate facial expressions by following the author's expert advice.  Include an overview of wood selection, tools, and an expansive photo gallery.  3 Additional Patterns Included: Santa, Ball Player, Cowboy  91pp

ISBN 1-56523-121-x
Caricature Carving From Head to Toe
Carving Caricature Busts LeClair

Pete shares a great number of techniques and secrets in this volume, paying attention as always to minute details that make the difference between a good carving and a 'great' carving.  This will be a welcome edition to your library.  80pp

ISBN 0-7643-1497-1
Carving Caricature Busts
Carving Caricature Heads & Faces LeClair

The humor and personality of caricatures has universal appeal among wood carvers. While they appear simple to the untrained eye, they demand the same skill and sense of proportion that realistic figures do. This is particularly true of carving heads. Pete LeClair has developed a sure-fire method for carving great caricature heads and shares it with you.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-784-6
Carving Caricature Heads and Faces
Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch LeClair

The book starts with a block of bass wood, and goes all the way through carving and painting of a figure. Each step is illustrated with captions to help the reader understand the entire process.  80pp

ISBN 0-7643-1233-2
Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch
Carving Characters Maxwell

By following the step-by-step instructions, patterns and photos for each of Jim's twelve favourite patterns, you will soon be creating your own versions of these humorous figurines. Easy, fun, and intriguing figures.  38pp

ISBN 1-56523-035-3
Carving Characters
Carving Egg People Finn

Finn shows you how to transform eggs into all kinds of delightful characters, each with a unique personality. You will learn how to orient the egg, establish the basic outline, complete details such as eyes, hair, and clothing. Enjoyable projects! Click Here for BASSWOOD EGGS     48pp

ISBN 0-7643-1313-4
Carving Egg People
Carving Motorcycle Riders Taylor

Over 225 colour photographs illustrate Cleves clear, concise instructions. A good challenge for beginners with a course or two behind them and a real pleasure for experienced carvers. Photo gallery of other carvers too!  64pp

ISBN 0-7643-0647-2
Carving Motorcycle Riders
Carving Caricature Women Barr

Debbie captures the lighter side of women's daily lives in her carvings, lives filled with triumphs and travails. Over 250 color illustrations and eight complete patterns for beginners to advanced.  64pp

ISBN 0-7643-0649-9
Carving Caricatures Women
Carving Fisherman & The Tall Tale Taylor

Cleve captures the foibles and follies of fishermen in four basswood figures while revealing subtle secrets of facial expression that give away the teller-of-all-tall-tales for the liar he is.  Over 235 colour photographs.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-903-2
Carving Fishermen & The Tall Tale
The Yam Yankee & Other Veggie Projects Wolfe

Instead of wood, Tom uses sweet potatoes, which are firm enough to take the knife, and inexpensive enough to take a mistake or two. That makes them the perfect medium and as they dry and wizen, they take on wrinkles and twists that give them surprising and delightful character. Try it ~ its fun!  64pp

ISBN 0-7643-0500-X
Yam Yankee & Other Veggie Projects
The Golfers Wolfe

One of the most popular sports involves chasing a little ball around the beautifully manicured golf course. In this book, Tom Wolfe captures the spirit of the game with a foursome of duffers. Tom leads you through the carving process beginning with the blanks and continues right through the painting procedures and each step is illustrated with full color photos. 136pp

ISBN 0-88740-293-3
The Golfers
25 Gunfighter Patterns for Carvers Streetmen

Concise instructions take the carver step-by-step from laying out the pattern to painting the finished work. Designed to be used by carver's. of all levels, from novice to advanced. The results are delightful figures you'll be proud of.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-783-8
25 Gunfighter Patterns
29 Cowboy Patterns Streetman

Cowboys and the old West still capture our hearts and imaginations. Along with Al's helpful advice, this book of 29 patterns can be used for greenhorns and saddle-worn carvers alike.  Lots of color photos and guidance.   48pp

ISBN 0-7643-0187-X
29 Cowboy Patterns
Carving Out The Wild West Wolfe

Easy to follow and illustrated in full color, this is a great book for beginning and intermediate carvers.. The project has enough detail and complexity to challenge the more advanced carver if you look for them.  64pp    

ISBN 0-88740-368-9
Carving Out the Wild West
Cowboy Carving Taylor

Cleve offers detailed and lively instructions to learn his techniques. Patterns for 4 cowboys and a horse are provided as well as an additional pattern for unique flexible wooden body pattern for creating realistic poses.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-641-6
Cowboy Carving