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Carving Wood Critters Ernst;

The 18 ready-to-use patterns offer lifelike dimensional drawings in top, side, back, and front views.  The author begins with a step-by-step tutorial for carving a Ready To Run Bunny, accomplanied by clear photographs and detailed instructions.  You will be inspired to go on to carve enchanting puppies, seals, pandas, otters, chipmunks and holiday ornaments.  Includes finishing tips.

ISBN 9781565237711
Carving Wooden Critters

Horse of a Different Color Wolfe

As always, Toms purpose is to help the readers carve their own project. He does this by taking the reader step-by-step through the carving process, with each step illustrated with a clear colour photograph. From the blank to the finished painted figure, everything a carver must do is clearly explained.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-787-0
Horse Of A Different Color

Bear: Ultimate Artists Reference Doug Lindstrand

Inside this book, wildlife artist and photographer, Doug Lindstrand, reveals all aspects of these noble creatures through stunning full-color photographs and detailed sketches. From the grizzly bear to the black bear and the polar bear - no North American species has been left out.

Inside this REPRINT edition you will find up-close photographs at various angles to help you to better portray the animal with accuracy in your own artwork.  Includes over 100 detailed drawings. 

ISBN 9781565232143
Bear Ultimate Artists Reference
Carving Patterns by Frank Russell Russell

Containing 80 woodcarving patterns and illustrations for birds, animals and fish, this book provides general carving instructions, illustration detail for fur growth and feather shading, as well as guidelines for accurate glass eye placement and construction of wire bird feet.

ISBN 978-0-7643-2473-4
Carving Patterns by Frank Russell
REVISED Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood Cipa

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate carver, you will learn to create wonderful mythical creatures from wood with this latest book from noted author and carver Shawn Cipa.  Patterns and full-colour reference photos for a wizard and dragon (with full step by step guidance) plus an additional 10 projects including a unicorn, phoenix, winged lion, red dragon, griffin, sorcerer, mermaid and more.  112pp 

Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures
Tom Wolfe Goes To The Dogs Wolfe

Tom has been going to the dogs for years.  Now with easy to follow instructions illustrated in full color, these carvings can be done by everyone.  This a great book for beginner and intermediate carvers.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-367-0
Tom Wolfe Goes To The Dogs
Realistic Dogs Kochan

Intermediate to advanced carvers will enjoy learning how to use power tools to capture the look of several dog breeds.  Detailed, step-by-step instructions are provided for the Lhasa Apso, and mini-demos are included for other dogs such as the Short-haired Dachshund and Great Dane.  Lots of tips and techniques in full color photos.  12 skillfully illustrated patterns also included for Pointer, Greyhound, Basset Hound, Boxer

ISBN 219-4195-3
Realistic Dogs
Carving Nature's Rascals Wachter

Using over 230 brilliant color photographs, paint color charts, and precise patterns, Leah Wachter provides woodcarvers with all the information necessary to create incredibly detailed small animals from basswood that are big on character.  Step-by-step instructions accompanied by detailed color photos lead the carvers through each step of a field mouse carving project. Also includes patterns for an armadillo, skunk, and raccoon.   110pp  

ISBN 1-56523-195-3
Carving Natures Rascals
Carving Bears and Bunnies Wolfe

These projects are perfect for the person who carves for relaxation and can be completed with the simplest of tools. Those who are more experienced will value a few of Toms secrets and shortcuts.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-267-4
Carving Bears and Bunnies
Carves Dragons Wolfe

From the ancient Chinese to St. George to Dungeons and Dragons, these mythical beasts have had a place in the human imagination. Now with his own imagination running rampant, Tom Wolfe turns his artistry to the dragon. These are dramatic carvings that will challenge the carver and delight those who see the final product.  Go ahead ~ dare to try em!

ISBN 0-88740-576-2
Wolfe Carves Dragons
108 Animal Patterns Wolfe

Toms energy is being made available in a series of books containing his previously unpublished patterns. The first of these books contains a variety of animals, from dragons to mice and pigs to raccoons. This will be the source of many hours of fun and productivity for the woodcarver.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-962-8
108 Animal Patterns
Carving Miniature Animals Barr

Debbie Barr carves on the wild side, guiding readers through all the steps necessary to create miniature animals from basswood, butternut, or walnut scraps. Debbie guides her readers through the carving process with clear instructions, sound advice, and over 200 color illustrations. This book will prove challenging for beginners and a joy to the more advanced carvers.  48pp

ISBN 0-7643-0936-6
Carving Miniature Animals
Horse Carving Wolfe

Tom brings his teaching and carving skills to realistic horses and takes the carvers through the steps of carving a frisky colt. Included are gallery photos and patterns for the colt's sibling and sire as well as several other horses.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-679-1
Horse Carving
Bears To Carve Power

Dale leads you step-by-step through the process of carving a robust and realistic polar bear. Complete, with concise instruction and detailed color photographs make the carving of this bear an enjoyable task for all.   64pp

ISBN 0-88740-719-6
Bears to Carve
Carving Realistic Animals with Power Russell

192 photographs illustrate every step and following the philosophy that you can only carve what you know, photographs of living animals accompany each carving sequence. Nine project plans and color reference photos.  64pp

ISBN 0-88740-637-8
Carving Realistic Animals w/ power
90 Patterns For Dog Carvers Wolfe

Dogs are a favourite subject of carvers everywhere. Whatever your needs, this treasury of 90 patterns will be a valued tool. Clear line drawings cover just about every breed imaginable.  64pp

ISBN 0-7643-0098-9
90 Patterns for Dog Carvers