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Please note:  All of our Optima Pens comes polished and ready to use! 
Polished pens cut sharper and glide smoother.

You may also use any of the Razertip Pens on your Optima Burners - by using a Razertip Cord #1 (either standard or heavy duty). 

You may also use any Optima Pen with your Razertip Burner - by using Adapter #1.

You can see and order these adapters or cords at:  click here

#6 Chisel Point Pen HD

Some carvers prefer this for running quill lines.

#6 Chisel Point Pen HD

#14 Guge Feather Edger Pen HD

This pen design is from Bob Guge.  Great for burning in primary's, or anywhere you would otherwise use a pen to burnish or depress wood. Instead of depressing and moving the pen for each area along a line "like you would do with other pens", this pen is designed to act like a ski. Just put it at the start of your feather edge, and follow it. Saves you a lot of time.

OPT-#14Pen HD This product is not available