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This WE330 kit comes with a 1/4hp motor with speeds up to 20,000rpm, super flexible shaft, Rotary Handpiece with 3/32, 1/8, 1/4 collets, variable speed foot pedal, and a wall mounting bracket. Operates in both Forward and Reverse (handy for left-handed operators).
One year guarantee.

Wecheer 1/4hp Heavy Duty Power Carving System with Reverse Option

This is an excellent power carving system that can be used for both rotary action (burs, bits, stones, diamonds, etc) and BY ADDING the optional Reciprocating Handpiece can use chisels and gouges with more control than you ever thought possible. 
The power unit is a 1/4hp motor that is meant to hang on a tool holder clamped to your workbench or wall bracket (bracket is included).

This system is a less expensive system than our Foredom brand units, but it does stand up well.  An added benefit is that the flexshaft, handpieces, etc are interchangeable with Foredom SR and TX series.

WE330R Heavy Duty Power Carving Kit Hanging Style - Reversible - No Discounts Allowed
You  may "think" you want even more power! ...But
for 99.9% of  carvers the 1/4hp is more than sufficient - and Pop really discourages you from buying anything larger than the 1/4hp above.   You simply DO NOT NEED IT!  

There is a 1/3hp version and even a 1/2hp version but unless you are using it for industry,
why waste your money.



A Word from Pop:  While the 26515 is a great little Power Reciprocating handpiece for smaller jobs I do not care for the carving chisels
and gouges that come with the unit. 
They are not tempered properly and will not hold an edge.  I recommend you seriously consider using either the Flexcut RG or SK series of tools.
Click here to see ....   RG Series     
SK Series

Optional Handpieces for Heavy Duty System

About the Handpieces:
  • WE26511 is a Lightweight Handpiece only 4.5" long and comes with 3/32" and 1/8" collets, locking pin and wrench
  • WE26512 Lightweight Handpiece only 4.5" long with spring chuck for shanks from 0" to 1/8" without need for collets or wrench, locking pin
  • WE26513 Rotary Handpiece with 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" collets, locking pin, and wrench
  • WE26514 Rotary Handpiece with Drill Chuck, shanks up to 1/8", key
  • WE26515 Reciprocating Handpiece with 5 carving blades, wrench
  • Remember - these handpieces are interchangeable with Foredom SR and TX models.

WE26511 Lightweight Rotary Handpiece
WE26512 Lightweight Rotary Handpiece with Spring Chuck
WE26513 Rotary Handpiece
WE26514 Rotary Handpiece with Drill chuck
WE26515 Reciprocating Handpiece with 5 carving blades
Replacement Parts

Remember - these are interchangeable with Foredom SR and TX models.

WE26500 Inner Cable for Flex Shaft HD Motor
WE26555 Coupler for attaching Flex Shaft to HD Motor
WE26599 Outer Flex Shaft for HD Motor
HD Set of three collets 3/32, 1/8, 1/4"
Wecheer Heavy Duty Motor

1/4HP Motor available separately.  This model also has the reverse feature. Comes as shown without flexshaft or accessories.  Motor only.  20,000rpm.


Model 252 HD 1/4hp Motor w/ Reverse
Wecheer motor brushes for model 330R
Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Our Variable Speed HD Foot Petal gives you complete control of the handpiece speed and saves reaching for the on-off switch each time you wish to stop.

Wecheer Variable Speed Heavy Duty Foot Pedal

Made for Foredom - but can be used with both the 1/4hp and 1/3hp Wecheer motors.

Table Top Speed Control

Using a table top speed control not only gives you more accurat control for your burs ... we recommend using it for your Reciprocating Chisel Handpieces.  Keeping the speed to between 5,000 and 8,000 on your reciprocal handpieces will make them run cooler and last longer.

EM table top speed control
is constructed of heavy-duty plastic with durable solid state electronics. It has a dial control for precise speed settings, as well as good repeatability of previous settings.

EM Table Top Speed Control for SR series

Foredom Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp

We are excited to introduce this new motor hanger.

The MAMH-1 features a 3-piece hexagonal support rod, top safety hook rod for holding one or two motors and the MABC-1 for attaching to any bench top up to 2-1/4" thick. The rod height can be adjusted with the locking screw built onto the clamp. Comes with a MAMR-2 Handpiece Rest that slides onto the hanger pole and secures your handpieces when not in use. Also has two UA10658 Spring Safety Clips that slide over the motor bale and on to the hanger rod to keep the motor(s) from jumping and twisting during start up and acceleration.

Foredom Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp
Power Tool Holder

This power tool holder comes in three sections that thread into each other - making for easy storage and portability.  Table clamp included.

Wecheer Power Tool Holder