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Crystalon Stone come in a "Coarse/Fine" grit combination.   8"x2"x1" and comes in a storage box.

Crystolon Oil Stone

Crystolon sharpening stones are manufactured using a proprietary process that impregnates them with a petroleum based product that allows the lubrication used during the sharpening process to stay on the stone’s surface. As a result, the metal from the object being sharpened and small pieces of abrasive that break off the stone become suspended in the lubricant. This prevents these materials from imbedding into the sharpening stone’s surface, keeping it free cutting and making it easy to keep its surface clean.


Crystalon Combination Coarse/Fine Oil Stone

Maintenance Tip for Synthetic Oil Stones

Believe it or not, the oil stones you use to sharpen your tools can get clogged to the point where they won't work properly. To solve this problem on your Synthetic stones, soak them in a container of kerosene ... and then rub their surfaces firmly with your fingers or kitchen pot scrubber.  Do Not soak natural Arkansas Oil Stones.

WD-40 makes a great oilstone cleaner.  Just spray it onto the stone's surface to wash away particles and metal shavings.  You can also use it as a lubricant instead of ordinary honing oil, if you like.


The Arkansas Soft Stone is available separately and comes in a protective leather pouch.  It is great for tool boxes or fishing/camping trips.

Deluxe Arkansas Honing Kit for Knives and Small Carving Tools

This self-contained deluxe honing kit is designed to make honing any carving knife, pocket knife, or small carving tools easy.

Each Kit contains:
  • Hard Arkansas Fine Stone 5" x  1-5/8" x 1/2"
  • Soft Arkansas Medium Stone 5" x  1-5/8" x 1/2"
  • 4oz Bottle of Honing Oil
  • Aromatic Cedar Box with lid
  • Sharpening Instructions

Deluxe Honing Kit 5x1-5/8x1/2
Arkansas - Soft Pocket Stone 4x1-5/8x1/2

Available in Soft and Hard as well as an economical Sotft/Hard Combination. 

Each stone comes in a aromatic cedar box for storage.

Each stone measures 8" x 2" x 1".

Arkansas Bench Stones 8" x 2" x 1"

Soft Arkansas is the most popular of the four grades of Novaculite.  It is an all-purpose stone used by wood carvers and woodworkers, sportsmen, butchers,  commercial knife sharpeners and even homeowners who desire keen, polished edges on knives and tools in a minimum of time. 

Hard Arkansas is most suitable for fine polishing and maintenance of a fine edge needed by woodcarvers and woodworkers.

Soft/Hard Arkansas Combination is a very popular stone for it has two grades combined to make one set.  It is an all-purpose stone used by many.  

Arkansas - Soft Bench stone 8x2x1
Arkansas - Hard Bench stone 8x2x1
Arkansas - Soft/Hard Combination Bench stone 8x2x1
Arkansas Tri Hone

Arkansas Tri Hone is our premier three stone sharpening system which includes: a carbo-ark course silicone carbide stone for setting the bevel on a dull or badly nicked blade; a 100% natural Soft Arkansas Medium Stone for sharpening and polishing, and a 100% natural Hard Arkansas Fine Stone for polishing to produce the razor sharpness you expect from an Arkansas Stone, and a 1oz bottle of Honing Oil.
Each stone is mounted on an aromatic cedar triangle and base and are 1/2" thick x 1-5/8" wide and 8" long

Arkansas - Tri Hone 8x1-5/8x3/8
Honing Oil and Maintenance Tips for Arkansas Stones
Honing Oil 4oz Bottle

Honing Oil is highly refined oil and excellent for lubricating your stone when sharpening.  Remember, you should never use an Arkansas Stone without some type of lubricant, or you will clog up the pores and it will not sharpen properly.  Our Premium Honing Oil is a light mineral based oil for easy lubrication of the sharpening surface.  The oil is used to float away particles of metal that accumulate on the surface of your sharpening stones.

Honing Oil Tips: 
There is no need to soak your Arkansas stones in any type of oil.  Before you begin sharpening each time, spread a THIN stream of oil on the stone and spread it over the entire surface.

Do not use too much!  One thin coating is all that is needed for most jobs unless you are using the stone for a long period of time.

Be sure to clean the stone when you are finished.  You may use Honing Oil to clean the stone by applying a small amount and rubbing it in a circular motion all the way down the length of the stone.  WD40 also makes a good cleaner.  You will notice the metal particles rise to the surface from the stone's pores and you can then wipe them off using paper towel or clean rag.

Hold your stone under running water to finish cleaning, after this rinse be sure to dry the stone off using a paper towel or clean rag.

Honing Oil in 4 oz bottle