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Steel mesh are the white ones with yellow dots.

Kevlar gloves are the yellow ones with blue dots.

Kevlar Carving Gloves

Our KEVLAR GLOVES are made of woven Dupont Kevlar yarn and offer excellent durability and cut resistance. While these gloves do not provide the same level of protection as our steel mesh style, they are good quality and excellent value.  Price is for a single glove ~ they fit either hand. They come with a rubber dotted coating for a non-slip grip.

Our STEEL MESH GLOVES are made of hi-strength synthetic fibers and stainless steel strands which makes them highly cut resistant.   We offer three sizes in the steel mesh glove. Price is for a single glove ~ and they fit either hand.  They come with a rubber dotted coating which provides a non-slip grip.

Kevlar Glove: Small
Kevlar Glove: Medium
Kevlar Glove: Large
Steel Mesh Glove - Small
Steel Mesh Glove - Medium
Steel Mesh Glove - Large
Leather Thumb and Finger Guards

Our genuine leather guards are sewn with an elasticized insert to ensure they stay put!  We use a 'wrap-around' style on both the sides and ends for extra protection.

Leather Finger Guard
Leather Thumb Guard - Medium
Leather Thumb Guard - Large
Finger Wrap

Self-adhesive tape is easy to apply and does not require pins or clips.  Stays in place until removed and doesn't stick to hair, skin or anything but itself. 

2" wide and 15' long.

Finger Wrap Tape 2"x15'
Carver's Leather Apron

CARVER’S LEATHER APRON Our premium quality, heavy duty, power carver’s apron is the ultimate in safety & comfort. Most power carving tools will not "grab" leather but rather tend to bounce harmlessly off.
Of course it offers great protection from hand tools too!

Our apron features:  supple natural leather, handsome suede finish, canvas backed and binding around all edges, plus comfortable & strong straps with quick release snaps. Full cut of 24" wide x 34" long, adjusts to fit anyone. Quality made!

Leather Apron


Carver's Denim Apron with Pouch

Fold up the bottom (has Velcro fastener) to use a large pocket to catch your chips ... wood chips that is!

Use full length when you need more protection!

Like the rest of our cloth goods, the woodcarving apron is made of the best quality heavy denim. Equipped with an adjustable neck strap, this apron will virtually fit all carvers. It can be used full length for full protection in dusty woodworking operations. It will also fold up to create a large pocket, secured by hook and loop fasteners for woodcarving. The large pouch will catch chips and hold a number of carving tools. The apron, comes complete with a sewn pocket for pencils and a large waist pocket. This is truly a quality apron that any woodworker or carver would love to own.

Denim Carvers Apron