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AutoMach ~ Professional Quality Reciprocating Carver

The following five quality cutters come with the power carver:
1/4" Straight Chisel
1/2" #5 Gouge
1/4" #5 Gouge
3/8" 90deg V-tool
1/4" #5 Bent Gouge

AutoMach Power Reciprocating Carver

Our Japanese Model #HTC-30A is the top of the line of hand-held power Reciprocating carving tools.  It delivers up to 10,000 impacts per minute.  It is capable of heavy cuts, as well as the most delicate cuts. 

Experienced and professional carvers will appreciate the rapid cutting action and ability to do fine work in difficult woods.  The beginner and less skilled carver will find their work improved, since both hands are free to the guide the carving tool.  The carver with arthritic or other mobility problems will appreciate the ease with which the AutoMach power carver can be operated.  

The unit weights two pounds and power consumption is 80 watts at 120 volts.

AutoMach HTC-30A Power Carver - No Discounts
AutoMach Replacement Set of Brushes for HCT30
Additional carving tools for your AutoMach

While the AutoMach comes with the 5 cutters listed above, you may also want to add more variety later.

Pop recommends either the Flexcut RG or SK Series of tools to use with your AutoMach.

If you choose the RG Series (variety of approximately 17 tools), they will fit directly into the AutoMach but some require a small Brass Shim (which of course is also available from us).  These tools are changed using the wrench that comes with the AutoMach.

If you choose the SK Series (variety of approximately 50 tools), you MUST first attach the Flexcut Adapter SK109 using the AutoMach wrench.  Once the adapter is attached, then changing tools is a simply "push in" and "pull out" operation without any tools needed.  Sweet!

This photo may hlep ou understand the difference in these two Series:

You can see these Series by simply clicking on the appropriate name below: