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Micro Hand Carving Tools by Dockyard
Micro Carving Tools

Our Micro Carving Tools are perfect for miniature and fine detail work. They are made in USA and tempered to a hardness of Rc58 to hold their edge.

The octagon shape handles are cherry and the overall tool length of 5 1/4” makes them easy to control and comfortable to hold.

We know you don’t always want to purchase an entire set and are happy to offer these Micro Tools to you individually. Each tool comes with a protective clear vinyl cap to protect the edge and provide easy identification.

See our new Micro Strop at the bottom of this page!
Double Bevel Chisels

Double bevel chisels are excellent for cleaning up ridges left from gouges and leaving a nice clean edge.

Dockyard Chisel Double Bevel 1.5mm
Dockyard Chisel Double Bevel 2mm
Dockyard Chisel Double Bevel 3mm
Gouges #11 Sweep

Excellent for adding fine details and/or texture to your carvings.

Dockyard Gouge #11 1.5mm
Dockyard Gouge #11 2mm
Dockyard Gouge #11 3mm
Dockyard Gouge #11 4mm
Dockyard Gouge #11 5mm

Skew Chisels - Double Bevel

Skew chisels let you get into those tight corners!

Dockyard Skew Chisel 1.5mm
Dockyard Skew Chisel 2mm
Dockyard Skew Chisel 3mm

3 tools with 90 degree V's and 1 with a 75 degree V.  Great for adding detail or texturing.  Super for carving fine hair or fur.

Dockyard V-tool 90d 1.5mm
Dockyard V-tool 90d 2mm
Dockyard V-tool 90d 3mm
Dockyard V-tool 75d 3mm
Handy Tool Roll

tools not included

Micro Tool Roll - 14 pocket

Here's a great Mini Toll roll to store and protect your Micro Tools.
Made in the USA from quality Denim. Top flap folds over to protect edges.

Pocket Denim Tool Roll - Mini Tools

tools not included

Micro Tool Roll -or- Pouch

12 Pocket Canvas Tool Roll for your Micro (Dockyard) hand carving tools.

5 Micro Tool Pouch good quality Leather Pouch with velcro fastener.

12 Pocket Canvas Tool Roll - Micro Tools
Micro Tool Leather Pouch
Sharpening is NOT a Problem!

Comes with a denim carrying pouch; tin of paste compound that will last you a long time; application brush; high quality machined wooden slip strop; complete instructions.

Micro Slip Strop

Our Sharpening Slip Strop has been made specifically for Dockyard Micro Tools

The strop is designed so that the compound can sharpen both the inside and outside of the tool.
Simply apply the compoundto the raised and depressed protion of the strop for each size tool you would like to sharpen.

Now available with or without denim pouch!
Strop for Dockyard and Micro Tools
Micro Strop without Denim Pouch
Replacement Compound Paste & Brush for Micro Slip Strop