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Foredom Reciprocating Power Chisels

As one of Foredoms 'largest' Authorized Dealers, we maintain a sizeable inventory and can ship quickly. And don't forget ~ all of our sales and office staff at Chipping Away are woodcarvers and can offer  knowledgeable advice.

New Reciprocating Handpieces from Foredom

Comes with following 6 tools:
  • #3 x 9mm
  • #7 x 8mm
  • #11 x 3.5mm
  • 70V-toolx5.5mm
  • #1 x 9mm
  • #2 x 9mm

Click here to see the Flexcut RG Series of Blades

Foredom Reciprocating Handpiece #50C with carving chisels

Similar in appearance to the popular 44T, this handpiece has a contoured body design that features a rugged plastic barrel and tapered aluminum ends. The easy to maintain chisel handpiece is recommended for use with the 1/3 HP Series TX or 1/6 HP Series SR motors, and attaches to any flex shaft machine with a standard key tip shaft. The Chisel Handpiece must be used only in the forward motor direction. Optimum Speed Range is 3,000 to 10,000rmp. Max. Operating Speed- 18,000 rpm.
Handpiece specifications: 6" long, 1" in diameter, weight: 4.6 oz.

Operating Tip: Using the new chisel handpiece with a dial speed control is easier than with a foot operated control. Consider adding the appropriate dial speed control to your order or a flex shaft with a dial control in its base:
* EM (for Series S, SR motors)
* EMX (for Series TX motors)

NOTE: You can use the Flexcut 'RG' series of blades with the Foredom Reciprocating Handpieces ...BUT you cannot use the SK series as the adapter will not fit.
#50C Foredom Reciprocating handpiece WITH carving gouges
Foredom Reciprocating Handpiece without chisels

Same handpiece as above, but without the chsiels.

Maintenance: After every 200 hours of use you should clean and lubricate this handpiece. The old grease must be cleaned off of the interior cam chamber and replaced with new lubricant. Click here to purchase  Foredom Shaft Lubrication Grease (Part No. MS10008).
Follow the instructions that came with your handpiece

#50 Foredom Reciprocating handpiece WITHOUT carving gouges
Foredom Table Top Speed Control

EM table top speed control is constructed of heavy-duty plastic with durable solid state electronics. It has a dial control for precise speed settings, as well as good repeatability of previous settings. Interchangeable and can be teamed up with SR motors.

The EMX table top speed control is made exclusively for the TX motors.

EM Table Top Speed Control for SR series
EMX Table Top Speed Control for TX and TXH series
Handpiece - Chisels - Speed Control Kits

Save when buying our Reciprocating Handpiece, 11 Chisels and Speed Control in a complete Kit format.

Combination Handpiece-Chisels-EM Speed Control Kit for SR motors
Combination Handpiece-Chisels-EM Speed Control Kit for TX Motors
Each tools measures between 55m and 75mm in length
AK510 12 Piece Kit and Pouch

Includes KC501, 502, 503, 504, 505,
506, 507, 508, 509, 510, 511,
and 515 in a Canvas Pouch

Canvas Pouch also available separately.

AK510 Foredom 12pc Chisel Set
Foredom 12 Pocket Chisel Pouch
Click here to see the Flexcut RG Series of Blades
AKHK550 6 Piece Set

Includes KC503, 504, 505,
506, 509, and 510 in a plastic case.

AKHK550 Foredom 6pc Chisel Set
AKHK560 5 Piece Set

Includes KC501, 502, 507, 508 and 511 in a plastic case.

AKHK560 Foredom 5pc Chisel Set
AKHK570 6 Piece SEt

Includes KC512, 513, 514, 515, 516 and 517 in a plastic case.

AKHK570 Foredom 6pc Chisel Set
AKHK570 6 Piece Set

Includes 512, 513, 514, 515, 516 and 517 in a plastic case.

AKHK570 Foredom 6pc Chisel Set
AKHK580 5 Piece Set

Includes 717, 718, 721, 722 and 723

AKHK580 Foredom 5pc Chisel Set
Here are the profiles of the individual tools.
#3 Sweep x 14mm Part #KC501
#3 Gouge x 14mm
#7 Sweep x 13mm Part #KC502
#7 Gouge x 13mm
#3 Sweep x 9mm Part #KC503
#3 Gouge x 9mm
#7 Sweep x 8mm Part # KC504
#7 Gouge x 8mm
#11 Sweep x 3.5mm Part #KC505
#11 Gouge x 3.5mm
70degree V-tool x 5.5mm Part #KC506
V-Tool 70d x 5.5mm
70degree V-tool x 8mm Part #KC507
V-Tool 70d x 8mm
#8 Sweep x 10mm Part #KC508
#8 Gouge x 10mm
#1 Single Bevel Chisel x 9mm Part #KC509
#1 Chisel x 9mm
#2 Single Bevel Skew x 9mm Part #KC510
#2 Skew Chisel x 9mm
#1 Single Bevel Chisel x 14.5mm Part #KC511
#1 Chisel x 14.5mm
#2 Single Bevel Skew x 14mm Part #KC512
#2 Skew Chisel x 14mm
110degree V-tool x 11mm Part #KC513
110d V-tool x 11mm
#9 Sweep x 9mm Part #KC514
#9 Gouge x 9mm
Flute x 8mm Part #KC515
Flute 8mm
110degree V-tool x 7mm Part #KC516
V-tool 110d x 7mm
#9 Sweep x 6mm Part #KC517
#9 Gouge x 6mm
75degree V-tool x 12mm Part #KC717
V-Tool 75d x 12mm
#7 Sweep x 17mm Part #KC718
#7 Gouge x 17mm
Flute x 12mm Part #KC721
Flute 12mm
110degree V-tool x 16mm Part #KC722
110d V-tool x 722mm
#9 Sweep x 14mm Part #KC723
#9 Gouge x 14mm