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Optional Leather Sheath with belt loop

Tri-Jack Pro

The Tri-Jack Pro is the newest multi-tool in Flexcut's Carvin' Jack series.  The Tri-Jack has three blades that lock in place- a roughing knife, a detail knife, and a mini-cutting knife. The roughing knife is great for modeling surfaces and creating texture, while the detail and cutting knives let you easily make the finest cuts.  The Pristol Grip design minimizes hand fatigue and is made of aerospace-grade aluminum with a quarter-cut cherry inlay.

Flexcut Tri-Jack JKN95 NO IDSCOUNTS
Leather Sheath for Jack Knives JKN06

Optional Leather Sheath with belt loop

Pocket Jack - 4 Blade

Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp and V- Scorp. This Flexcut jack-knife is smaller version of our original Carvin’ Jack (see bottom of page), the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodworking. At 3.5 ounces and a closed length of 4-1/4”.

Pocket Jack - 4 Blade NO DISCOUNTS
Leather Sheath for Jack Knives JKN06

Optional Leather Sheath with belt loop

Detail Jack

The Detail Jack can handle a variety of projects start to finish.  Its single detail knife quickly removes wood from convex surfaces, while its fine point is perfect for detailing delicate areas. The Pristol Grip design allows for long periods of carving with minimal hand fatigue 

Flexcut Detail Jack JKN90
Leather Sheath for Jack Knives JKN06

Optional Leather Sheath with belt loop

Whittlin Jack

Flexcut has done it again!  Their new "Whittling Jack" is the ultimate in pocket whittling knives.  Beautiful ergonomic metal handle with wood veneer inserts and brass rivets.  Has two blades:  one for roughing out and a smaller one for finer work.  Like all Flexcut tools, the blades are razor sharp and ready-to-use and hold their edge for hours and hours.

Flexcut Whittlin Jack JKN88 NO DISCOUNTS
Leather Sheath for Jack Knives JKN06
The Carvin' Jack is the Most Complete Pocket Carving Knife of them all!


The Carvin' Jack

Carvin' Jack by Flexcut is a complete wood carving kit in your pocket. The Carvin' Jack comes with 6 locking blades, its own Leather Sheath, Flexcut Slipstrop and Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound. 4-1/4" closed length.

All six blades of the Carvin' Jack are made of the same edge-holding steel that Fexcut's tools are famous for.

Available in both Right and Left handle models.

Carving Jack complete kit NO DISCOUNTS