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Cypress Knees
Cyrpress Knees

We have Cypress Knees available in 3 different heights:  10 to 11 inch, 12 to 13inch, and 14to 15 inch.  They are available in either a "slim" or a "fat" style (the photo shows the two styles).

Cypress Knees are extraordinary and exquisite natural wonders, which grow up from the roots of the Bald Cypress Tree, that grow in the swamps and bayous of Southern USA.  No two are alike and each cypress knee has its own unique shape and size.  These are beautiful when carved, and will look great displayed in your home.

Cypress 10 S This product is not available
CYPRESS 10 F This product is not available
Cypress Knee 12 TO 13" in height SLIM
Cypress Knee 12 TO 13" in height FAT
Cypress Knee 14 TO 15" in height SLIM
Cypress Knee 14 TO 15" in height FAT
Carving Cypress Knees Boyd & Willaims

Discover the unique characters hidden inside the strange and wonderful world of Cypress Knees.  Inside this book you will find all the tips and techniques you need including:  basic instruction, design and composition featuring 8 patterns, full color gallery of completed carvings, 3 detailed step by step demonstrations of a Knee Spirit, Father Christmas and an Elf.  88pp

ISBN 1-56523-271-2
Carving Cypress Knees

But A Cypress Knee Kit and SAVE!
Cypress Knee Kit

Buy the Book and any size(s) of Knee(s) (above)
and we will give you 10% off the purchase!  Just ask for the discount in the comment section of your order form.

Order as many knees you wish and you will still get the 10% as long as you buy the book too!

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