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Practice or Building Boards

While our practice boards are great for practicing and trying new designs before putting them on a project .... a lot of our students and customers use them to make boxes and such.
Measure: 4" X 12" X 3/8" 
Available in bundles of 6 boards.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are ordering practice boards only today is more economical to order at least 2 bundles.  1 bundle is just under the 2lb shipping rate and adding a second bundle increases shipping only slightly.

Practice/Building Boards - Bundle of 6 Basswood

Pre-Drawn Practice Boards

Our pre-drawn practice boards are just the thing for those just beginning to learn chip carving. You have probably seen our layout template in the Chip Carving Drawing Tool section ... it works just great for border layout on your projects. But what about drawing and practicing rosettes and free form patterns? If you dont mind the drawing, and a great number of chip carvers do enjoy the drawing, that is fine ~ but us other people (Pop included) would much rather spend our time carving.

Set of 4 practice boards with laser printed patterns on one side (one of each pattern shown on the left - no substitutes).

Set of 4 PreDrawn PracticeBoards