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Chip Carver's Workbook Dennis Moor

This 96 page book by noted chip carver and instructor Dennis Moor will introduce you to this timeless craft that is easy to learn and produces beautiful, ornate results.  In his engaging and accessible teaching style, Dennis outlines the basics of wood selection, tools, and sharpening plus layout, lettering, and finishing.  His techniques will have you decorating household items and creating artistic pieces in a variety of designs. 
Seven enjoyable and useful projects are perfect for practicing your techniques as you master this classic art form:  Napkin Holder; Plant Box; Letter Holder; Trinket Box; Tissue Box Holder; Mailbox; Cheese and Cracker Tray.  96pp

Listen to Dr. John L. Hunsucker, of Texas: 
I have been a chip carver for at least 40 years.  Bought a copy of your book several years ago.  Without a doubt, this is the single best reference for chip carving that I have ever seen.  Even an old dog can learn new tricks from your book and it seems to hit just the right level for beginning carvers.

ISBN ISBN 0-968344-8-0-0
Chip Carvers Workbook
Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments Nicholas

Bruce shows how to produce finely pierced carvings that let the holiday lights shine through. This book covers everything you need to know to start chip carving. It includes a step-by-step project and 48 patterns that you can start carving right away. These ready-to-use, full-size patterns feature versatile elements that can be re-combined with infinite variations-the only limit is your imagination. Bruce reveals his beautiful techniques for staining the ornaments with water color pencils, and also provides information on creating custom patterns.

ISBN 9781565238817
Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments

Chip Carving Workshop Lora Irish

Chip Carving Workshop takes you through all of the essential chip carving techniques, from tool sharpening and preparation to hand positions, chip cutting, and finishing. You’ll discover how to use both geometric shapes and free form designs to create wonderfully detailed patterns. Practice projects will have you decorating household items and creating artistic pieces in a variety of original designs. Hope chests, wooden spoons, jewelry chests, clocks, candle plates, serving trivets and decorative plaques are just a few ideas for your new chip carving skills.  96pp

ISBN 978-1-56523-776-6
Chip Carving Workshop
Best of Chip Carving from WCI various

Expert Techniques and 50 All-Time Favorite Projects

In this collection of the best chip carving projects from the pages of Woodcarving Illustrated, both beginner and experienced chip carvers will find this book a useful reference. Whether you are looking to make a decorative accent for your home such as a charming teapot clock, or a personalized gift like a beautiful wedding plate, the variety of projects presented will provide you with inspiration.

ISBN 9781565234499
Best of Chip Carving from WCI
Best of Chipping Away Dennis & Todd Moor

The Chipping Away Newsletter was in publication from 1994 until 2002. Over the years we received a great deal of mail: questions, heart warming letters, helpful tips and techniques on everything from carving to finishing, and patterns - lots of patterns. Now it is time to turn the best of it into book form.

ISBN 0-968344-8-6-0
Best of Chipping Away Newsletter 1994-99
Projects with Free Form Patterns for Chip Carving Dennis & Todd Moor

Over 45 new patterns and borders accompany projects like key racks, picture frames, various boxes, serving tray, clock frames, etc. There are lots of photographs of the finished projects which you can be used as references too! As well as the patterns, we have included some helpful tips on choosing the wood and how to transfer the pattern onto your work.  60pp

ISBN ISBN 0-9683448-2-8
Projects w/ Free Form Patterns for Chip Carving
Chip Carving Classics 'One' Lora Irish

You will enjoy carving Loras beautiful and impressive patterns while learning some of her techniques and helpful tips. We are pleased to present Chip Carving Classics "One" with over 65 individual patterns, many of which are accompanied by chip carved samples.

ISBN ISBN 0-9683448-3-6
Chip Carving Classics One
Chip Carving Classics 'Two' Lora Irish

Chip Carving Classics "Two" features over 40 primary patterns and tons of borders including "getting around those corners". Both books have text covering such topics as Positive/Negative, Ooops...we all make mistakes, Finishing techniques and styles, etc.  

ISBN ISBN 0-9683448-4-4
Chip Carving Classics Two
Free Form Patterns for Chip Carving Dennis & Todd Moor

With 65 chip carving free form patterns there is something in this book for everyone: birds, cats, dogs, animals that dont make good pets, nautical motifs, flowers, butterflies, dinosaurs and four more styles of lettering.

ISBN 09683448-1-X
Free Form Patterns For Chip Carving
Complete Guide To Chip Carving Barton

With the aid of color photogrpahs, Barton covers tools an materials, holding and sharpening chip carving knives and laying out and transferring patterns. Borders, grids, rosettes, free-form design, and lettering.

ISBN 9781402741289
Complete Guide to Chip Carving