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Our Most Popular Chip Carving Kit
Beginner Chip Carving Kit

Here is everything you need in one package. 

*Chip Carvers Workbook

*Large or Small Knife
(sharpened and ready to use)

*4 Pre-drawn boards
(basswood 4"x12"x3/8" with patterns from book)

There has never been a chip carving kit like this before!

Dennis (Pop) Moor's 96 page Chip Carver's Workbook is a humdinger!
Full color from front to back and chock full of instruction and information that all carver's will find useful.
Listen to Dr. John L. Hunsucker, of Texas: 
I have been a chip carver for at least 40 years.  Bought a copy of your book several years ago.  Without a doubt, this is the single best reference for chip carving that I have ever seen.  Even an old dog can learn new tricks from your book and it seems to hit just the right level for beginning carvers.

Plus you get one of the revolutionary Moor Chip Carving Knives ~ already sharpened, stropped, polished and ready-to-use.  Choose either the Large or Small knife which is all dependent on your hand size.

And what a great addition ~ 4 quality basswood practice boards that have patterns from the workbook printed on them all ready to carve!

These are the patterns 
printed on one side each
of 4 practice boards.

This will save you loads of
drawing time.

The second side of each
board is left blank so you
can draw or trace your own

Beginner Chip Carving Kit with LARGE Chip Cutting Knife
Beginner Chip Carving Kit with SMALL Chip Cutting Knife