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Wood carving our Quality Cottonwood Bark
from British Columbia, Canada

Our hand-selected pieces of cottonwood bark for woodcarving are just what you have been looking for. They are extremely difficult to get (unless you live in northern British Columbia and not afraid of a good hike into the forest) and require harvesting by someone experienced. We always have a good selection of pieces in a variety of sizes and weights. While it is difficult to fit your order exactly, we can be very close and you will only be charged for 'actual weight'. 



Cottonwood Bark

The best tree bark for woodcarving!  We have found that 1lb is a nice size for carving wood-spirits or single whimsical cottage or lighthouse.   If you want to try some double whimsical cottages, completely round cottges,  multiple spirits, etc., then choose a piece around 2 lbs or larger for best results.

Use this guideline as to typical sizes, weight, and cost: 1-1/2 lb piece is approx 3-1/2" in width, 15" long, and 3" thick. If you are after a bigger piece that is not a problem ~ we've got it! Just make your comments or requests on your order form and we will try to help you.

AND ... tell us what you plan to carve (IE: woodspirit or faces, houses, castle, etc) and we will try to pick a piece suitable to your needs.

We try to get you a "natural end" on at least one end of the bark ...but cannot always guarantee this (especially if you want a specific weight). 

Approx 1/2lb Bark Blank
Approx 1.0lb Bark Blank
Approx 1.5lb Bark Blank
Approx 2.0lb Bark Blank
Approx 2.5lb Bark Blank
Approx 3.0lb Bark Blank
Indian Face DVD

This DVD and Template presents Jim Redhawks unique style of carving which is very easy to follow and quick to learn.  The 80 minute instructional DVD offers step-by-step methods for you to follow along.

Please note that the DVD has instructions for the carving the face only.  You may wish to add the head-dress as shown on the left or a chief's head-dress but the dvd does not include either.

Watch a sample of DVD

The template method Jim uses is so simple and effective that you will want to use the same techniques as your carving skills progress.

DVD- Indian Face by Redhawk
Carving a Mountain Man with Redhawk

Jim Redhawk is well known as both a talented carver and instructor.  Carving is done in Cottonwood Bark.

watch a sample of the DVD

Includes a Template

Carving a Mountain Man with Redhawk
Carving Eyes with Redhawk Part 1 and 2

Jim Redhawk leads you through various methods of carving eyes in this two-part DVD series.  Carving is done in Cottonwood Bark.

watch a sample of the DVD

available only in the set of two ...not available individually.  Includes a Template

Carving Eyes with Redhawk Part 1 and 2 DVD Series
Bark House DVD

A new approach to carving bark houses by Jim Redhawk.  Jim is a talented carver who enjoys sharing his techniques as well as his passion for both carving and life itself.

Watch a sample of DVD

DVD- Bark House by Redhawk
Carving Magical Tree Houses - DVD

Rick Jensen is an internationally recognized author and award-winning carver.  He has been carving for more than 24 years and instructing for 15 years.

This 1hour and 44minute DVD is absolutely EXCELLENT says Pop!  Divided into 9 chapters and covers everything from Safety concerns, roughing-out, carving in the windows and doors, adding detail and so much more.

You may be familair with Rick's 'best selling' book "Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark" published by Fox Chapel.  The book and DVD compliment each other to provide you with a complete carving course right in your own home that you can watch over and over again. 

Work with Rick through this step-by-step carving project of carving a Magical Tree House in cottonwood bark. 
You will Love It!

DVD - Carving Magical Tree Houses Rick Jensen

Illustrated Guide To Carving Tree Bark: Jensen

Inside you will find step by step instructions on carving a whimsical house and a tree, plus detailed advise on painting and finishing your carvings.  Learn from the artist how to sketch out your ideas before carving or following along with a series  of detailed patterns of a variety of wood spirits.  76pp

ISBN 1-56523-218-6
Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark
BUT wait a minute ...Bark Carving Doesn't have to be just about Houses & Woodspirits!
Check out these sculptures by Fred Pospeschil of Wisconsin


      and guess where Fred gets his Cottonwood Bark!  Big Grin!