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Watch a YouTube Video of the Industrial Pro in Action here
Arbortech Industrial Pro Kit

The Industrial Pro Kit easily attaches to most 4" and 4 1/2" angle grinders. Faster, safer and easier than alternative power woodcarving methods. Arbortech is the originator of rotary Woodcarving Blades and only Arbortech Woodcarving Blades meet the tough BG Safety Stanards. Removes large areas of wood quickly and easily, producing volumes of wood shavings literally in minutes, while cutting in all directions to produce a fine finish.
The Kit comes complete with the Industrial Pro Blade, Three Tungsten Teeth,  Fixing Key and Pro Guard shield.

No Discounts
Industrial Pro Kit - IND200 - No Discounts Available
Arbortech 4" Industrial Blade ONLY
Arbortech Industrial Blade ONLY

The Indusrial Pro Blade has three replaceable tungsten teeth. It is precision machined from hardened tool steel and cuts wood with a remarkably smooth and controllable cutting action.  The Pro Blade teeth can be unlocked and rotated to expose a clean cutting surface.  Pop recommends you rotate the teeth every two or three hours to prevent their self-tightening design to be come too difficult to remove.  Blade comes with a Torx wrench.

No Discounts
IND100 Industrial cutter No Discounts
Industrial Pro Accessories
Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Teeth

When its time to replace your tungsten teeth, we recommends you replace the screws at the same time. 

Did you see that little tip above? 
Pop recommends you rotate the teeth every two or three hours to prevent their self-tightening design to be come too difficult to remove.

IND012 Teeth 3 pack + 3 screws - No Discounts Available
Diamond Sharpener

This is an excellent sharpener for Arbortech's Industrial Pro Blade.  It is not just for your woodcarving tools but for your kitchen knives and scissors also.  Keep one in your tool box and fishing kit too!

When sharpening the Industrial teeth simply use in a filing motion straight across the teeth.  The teeth are hollow-ground and after repeated sharpenings will loose their fine edge.  This will be evident in the smoothness of your cuts and the teeth should be replaced. 

For the average hobbyist, the teeth should last you a few years at least.

Diamond Hone Fine 600 grit Red