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Mini Sandblaster Kit

The Mini Sandblaster Kit Contains:
Hobby 260 abrasive gun with attached 4oz.(120ml) jar; air hose; and 12 oz. (340g) net weight jar of aluminum oxide Abrasive; plus dust mask.

Abrasive Gun & Accessories Model 260

The Model 260 Hobby Abrasive Gun creates an endless variety of effects in glass etching, or cuts monograms in wood or metal. The 260 can also prep wood, plastic, and metal surfaces and curves, hard to reach areas for refinishers. Realistic weathering effects are easily achieved using this gun.

Works off your Air Brush Compressor
Badger Mini Sandblaster Kit
Badger 12oz of Abrasive for Abrasive Gun
Badger 5lb of Abrasive for Abrasive Gun
50-263 Badger Replacement tip for Abrasive Gun
Badger Rebuild Kit (tip, pickup tube and adjusting screw)