Mercy Hospital Ship Carving

Mercy Hospital Ship Carving
August 25, 2017 Dennis Moor
Mercy Hospital Ship Carving

Mercy Hospital Ship Carving

Carving While on a Hospital Mercy Ship:   My wife and I visited your store (Chipping Away) and bought some wood and patterns.  We talked to you about the work we do with Mercy Ships on a hospital ship.  The ship provides free surgeries to those who have no access to surgery in West Africa.  At that time, you had said to please email you with more information.

Mercy Ships is a faith based organization.  It’s mandate is to bring hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor.  We serve aboard the Africa Mercy which has over 400 crew members and an 80-bed hospital on board.  We are currently sailing to Douala, Cameroon where we will be docked for the next ten months.  While there we will be screening patients, providing surgical care, dental care, club foot casting.  Outpatient care for an estimated 6000 surgical patients in addition to 7000 dental patients.

We also provide medical capacity building courses for the countries that we serve.  Consequently, this leave the country with the skills to provide their own good surgical care.   We train local doctors, nurses, biomedical technicians, sterile processing technicians and dentists both by classroom courses and by mentoring.

The ship also runs an agricultural program to teach good farming techniques using composting and organic farming.  As a result, they can provide good nutrition and good health to the local populations.   As volunteers aboard the Africa Mercy, we are required to pay crew fees that cover our costs on board.  We raise our own support through donations by individuals and organizations.

Larry Carving in his Cabin

Larry Carving in his Cabin

Carving Christmas Ornaments to Raise Funds

I am a Biomedical Technician and my wife is a Pharmacist in the hospital aboard the ship.  Because we live on the deck above the hospital, we do not spend a lot of time commuting to work or doing the kinds of things that people do back home.  Like mowing lawns, shoveling snow, buying groceries or cooking.  Consequently, that leaves us with free time when we are not working our regular hours.  I often carve in my spare time.  I have been carving mostly Christmas ornaments using patterns from the internet or out of magazines.  The ship has a Christmas craft sale in December so I plan to sell some of these to the people on board.  In April and May, I carved a caricature soldier for my son’s graduation from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

Chipping Away encourages you to visit the Mercy Ships websites and consider donating to this most worthy cause.

For more information about Mercy Ships and our work, visit: (USA Website) (Canadian Website)


arms are made of copper wire


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