Wildfowl Carving Magazine FREE Newsletter

Wildfowl Carving Magazine FREE Newsletter
April 28, 2017 Dennis Moor
WFC Redheaded Woodpecker


This is a great Newsletter not only for bird carvers but bird lovers as well. Why not sign-up for your Free Newsletter from Wildfowl Carving Magazine today!

They always include one or two “Tips of the Week”.   The Newsletter also includes links to numerous topics you are sure to find interesting as well as helpful.

Links such as:
1. The Antique Style Beginner’s Project
2. Just Like 1936 – You love this.
3. Old-Fashioned Style Like You’ve Never Seen
4. Some decoys are old. Some just look old.
5. The Old School Approach
6. FEATURED! This Classic Trick Will Never Go Out of Style – Straight from Carolina
7. How the Old-Timers Do It
8. Do Your Research: Carving from History

Wildfowl Carving Magazine FREE Newsletter

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