Carving Club Shows and Competitions

Carving Club Shows and Competitions
January 2, 2017 Dennis Moor
May 2017 Woodcarving Shows and Competitions

This Blog is set up for announcements of Carving Club Shows and Competitions.

You are welcome to post your club event.  You must register as a customer/member of our website before you can post.

Carving Shows present an excellent opportunity to meet with other carvers.  You will find fellow woodcarvers anxious to share their experiences and help you in anyway then can.  Several Clubs present Carving Round-Ups as well.   These round-ups generally run over several days and you can participate in workshop, seminars, classes, etc.

Carving Club Shows and Competitions – Do You Want to Join a Carving Club?

There are hundreds of Carving Clubs throughout the US and Canada.  If you do not belong to a carving club but would like to join one, here is a website where you can find a Club closest to you:
List of Carving Clubs

You may also find a group of Wood Carvers at your local Senior Center, Community Center, etc. that are not listed on the above link

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